Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Turn To Praise - A Word From Our Sponsor

Psalm 42:11 
Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

It is easy to control how you appear on social media sites. I think that can be detrimental in that people gain a false perception of who you are and how you are all the time. I choose to be selective about what I share with the world, not because I am concerned about what people think, rather I choose to cherish and protect those relationships and issues that are dare to my heart. You won’t get a rant about what’s wrong in my life, political issues, my husband, or how others have treated me badly. Because I don’t share everything, doesn’t mean that everything is always spot on.

I have plenty of struggles and today, I was feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and misunderstood. Instead of letting my struggle define me, I turned on my music and began to praise. I started out with head down, tears pooling and ending up dancing and shouting, I know my neighbors think I’m crazy. In the midst of this praise my spirits lifted, I found a lost bracelet, my attitude changed and I began to rehearse in my mind all the GREAT THINGS the Lord had done! When you are in a place of darkness turn to praise. It can be as simple as a muttered, “I trust you Lord.” It’s ok to sometimes share the bad, it may encourage others. Today I realize, praise is not only what I do… praise makes me who I am!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kicking It Will Get You Kicked and Other News from the Homefront!

The Calling, January 2014 The Official Newsletter of Broken Box Ministries and the Ministry of Naima

Did You Know!?
Happy New Year! I pray that you had a wonderful Christmas. I am looking forward to 2014, I believe that there are great things in store for the people of the Lord. Would you pray for us, that the Lord would use us to evangelize, encourage, uplift and educate all those we come into contact with this year? It is our desire to impact the world with the truth of who Christ is and see many people inspired to a worshipful relationship with Christ. We love you all and we are thankful for your continued support in 2014. There are lots of exciting things going on and we want to encourage and meet your needs! Hang out at and

Dr. Nay’s Random Life Lesson for January
Have you ever heard or used the term kicking it? It means to be hanging out, messing around, having a good time, just chilling. We all need to kick it once in a while, rest is good for the soul and spending quality time with loves ones always is a blessing. But sometimes when we know we’ve been called to do a great work for the Lord we find ourselves kicking it to much and not working on the things that we have always dreamed of achieving. So if you want to achieve your God given dreams in 2014 and not be kicked off your assignment remember, “Too much kicking it, will get you kicked!”

Report of the Ministry
This year we are on a mission build this ministry and employ new programs and projects that meet the needs of the people we are called to encourage and uplift. Through much prayer and wise council we have revamped our ministry tagline and mission statement. We are also recording new music, having a new logo designed, launching our T-shirt line and putting together a new website! Please let us know what you think about our new mission statement and tagline – do you feel it accurately describes who I am and what Jon and I do with Broken Box Ministries? Our new tagline is: The Ministry of Naima, Worshipping God, Encouraging People. Our new mission statement: Inspiring the world to a lifestyle of worship through music and ministry.

Did You Miss?
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Check out the Worship Note, Christmas Everyday for a worship reflection on the true meaning of Christmas.

Don’t Forget!
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We are now booking for 2014! George or Kim would be happy to book a date! Call 901-409-5505 or email them at if I can be of service.
Praying blessings on you all! Now go out and achieve… Your Calling!

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