Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adventures of the Wee Wee Monster!

This is a blog that has no deep meaning in any way, shape or form! Except for the fact that I've learned a number of valuable lessons from my dog such as:

- Be mad for a moment and then let it go

- Love doesn't care if you don't share your dinner

- Life is not meant to be lived off leash

- The love of a pet can be deep and meaningful and they never talk back

- If poop on the floor is the worse that it gets, then I've got it made

Anyway... Bianca, also known as the wee wee monster due to her use of puppy pads that once soiled she somehow manages to kick up against the bathroom wall neatly folded, has been the subject of many of my status updates. She's always doing funny things, so I started shooting some video - not very good quaility, of her and her ongoing adventures.

Since today is National Dog Day, I thought it only fitting to share this first video with you. Hope it makes you smile!

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