Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New E-zine - The Calling!

Hey Loved Ones!

Wanted to give you a sneak peek of the new e-zine, The Calling, that launched this month. Check it out - after this month, the e-zine will only be available to those on my mailing list. So sign up for the mailing list today at www.naimajohnston.com!
Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I'm always looking forward to helping others achieve their calling! Blessings!

The Calling – November 2009 Edition
The Calling is a publication of 7thirtyseven Logos, a division of Broken Box Ministries.
© 2009 by Dr. Naima Tonya Johnston/Broken Box Ministries. All rights reserved. Feel free to use the information contained therein, but please give credit to Dr. Johnston for authorship.

Note From Dr. Nay
I am so excited to launch this newsletter! Over the last year the Lord has been clarifying my mission and helping me to better understand my purpose. Of course I am called to sing His praises, I’ll always be a Psalmist! But I’m also called to use the lessons I’ve learned, and continue to learn, to help others achieve their God given dreams! I wasted so much time thinking I could not pursue what the Lord had called me to do – but no more! And I am on a crusade to empower you to achieve the calling on your own life.

I want you to join me on Dec. 1, 2009 at 8:00pm for my first Teleseminar – Achieving Your Calling! This free seminar will show you how to move forward in what the Lord has called you to do using the, “spiritual to empower the practical!” You do not want to miss this free seminar! It’s the perfect way to get ready for 2010 – it does not matter what your dream is – there will be insight and lots of tips that you can use to build a solid foundation for your dreams! When you register you will receive my new worksheet, “4 Things That Keep You From Achieving Your God Given Dream!” To register shoot me an email at naimasbrokenbox@yahoo.com tell me what your dream is and what you feel some of the challenges are to achieving that dream. Register today!

3 Steps To A Mission Statement
Do you have a mission statement for your dream? A mission statement is an important foundational piece that you should have for your life, business or ministry. A mission statement describes the specific calling on your life and what you are going to do about it. My mission statement is as follows:

To empower, equip, and edify people to achieve their God given dreams through education, entertainment and evangelization.

How I will specifically achieve this mission is laid out in my strategic plan. A great mission statement should include the following:

1. Should tell the world exactly what you plan to do in short and specific terms (My mission statement tells you that I am going to empower people, give them the tools they need and build them up so that they know they can achieve their dreams).
2. Should clarify the outcome of those you are targeting (my outcome is that people will achieve their God given dreams).
3. Should describe the tools that you will use (education, entertainment, evangelization).

Try crafting a new mission statement or revising the one you have using these steps. I’d love to see some of your examples! Send them to me at naimasbrokenbox@yahoo.com.

The Truth of Psalm 37
We all know that the power of life and death are in the tongue, so what exactly are we speaking to ourselves? Are we speaking life by reciting the word of God to ourselves, or are we dwelling on the negative and watching nothing change around us?

We’ve been told that there is a recession in America today. It seems that everywhere we turn people are being laid off and trying to do more with less. Perhaps the recession is the Lord calling His people to move forward into the destiny that He has ordained for them. This is the time to launch that dream that has lingered in your heart for so long.

Maybe you feel like your dream can never happen, especially now with all the cutbacks, setbacks and lack of funding. But if you truly know the Lord, you know there is no recession for The One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Speak the truth of God to yourself and over your life and watch the Lord move to uphold His promises.

Your assignment for this month: Read Psalm 37 daily. Memorize and quote it to yourself every time you feel you don’t have the resources to pursue your dream. Verse 19 is especially good, “Even in the time of famine, I’ll have more then enough.” Keep a journal of how the Lord begins to move and supply in your life. I’d love to hear your testimonies – shoot me an email and let me know how the Lord shows up and shows out as you move to achieve, Your Calling!

Staff Additions
Broken Box Ministries is blessed to announce that Andrew Copeland is joining our staff as the Coordinator of Ministry Development! Andrew will be working with me to raise awareness of Broken Box Ministries programs, divisions and offerings through the mobilization of our “Street Team” also known as “The Box Breakers!” Box Breakers receive special discounts, prices, and other cool free stuff for assisting us in advancing the ministry vision. If you’d like more information or would like to sign up to be a Box Breaker contact Andrew at

In Closing!
I’d love to be of service to your church, women’s group, ministry, business or school. I am available for both musical and speaking/teaching engagements. For more information contact me at naimasbrokenbox@yahoo.com or call the office at 615-731-0178.

Christmas Shopping? Visit the Music & More Store at www.naimajohnston.com!

Don’t forget: www.naimajohnston.blogspot.com and www.youtube.com/doctornay

Thanks for your support! Feel free to pass this newsletter on to others and invite them to sign up to get their own!

Until next time, go out and achieve, Your Calling!

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