Friday, November 11, 2011

40 Ways To Market, Promote and Develop Your God Given Dream!

40 Ways To Market, Promote and Develop Your God Given Dream!

Grace and Peace Loved Ones!

I am excited about a new class I have to offer those who are determined to achieve their God Given Dream! As we gear up for 2012, this is a perfect time to review your accomplishments, set your goals for next year and develop a strategic plan that will honor the Lord, bless the Kingdom and meet the needs of those you have been assigned to reach!

Sometimes we struggle with finding creative ways to share our gifts with the world. This new class will give you creative ideas that you may not have thought about and will assist you in moving your ministry forward!

Here’s a taste of what the class will offer:

Number 10 – Offer free giveaways to college radio stations. Do an online search for the stations or contact the Student Activities Office for information about contacting the station manager – you can give away products, CDs, or even services. The DJs will mention your name/company name on air and it will be free promotion for you for very little cost.

Number 37 – Host a yearly business or ministry dinner. Give updates on the work you do, recognize supporters and investors build a support team when you invite the community to a dinner that highlights your dream. Invite the mayor, the local newspapers, other nonprofit organizations; anyone you feel can assist you in moving your dream forward.

There are more then 40 of these types of tips designed to solidify your foundation, improve your networking abilities, increase your exposure and maximize your marketing budgets!

In an effort to continue to support Broken Box Ministries and allow us to continue to provide quality programs, this class is available for a limited time for your love gift of any amount!

If you’d like access to 40 Ways To Market, Promote and Develop Your God Given Dream, simply send a love offering by December 1, 2012 via pay pal ( to or via snail mail to: Broken Box Ministries, 410 Clover Street , Fairborn , OH 45324 . The class will be sent to you via MP3 on December 2, 2012. Or if you so choose CD (please include a $2 shipping fee for CDs).

Don’t miss this informative and practical class that will assist you in taking your dream to the next level! This information is adaptable for music ministries, Christian businesses, nonprofit organization or other ministries seeking to grow and develop.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you in advance for your support and thank you for allowing us to be a part of supporting you as you achieve… Your Calling!



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