Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Think I Shot Somebody or Have I Been Shot?

In response to all of the clamor about Gun Control I have to say I have once again been appalled by what is coming out of people's mouths.  I have a whole thought on the issue, but that's another blog...  Imagine my disgust when I heard that one of the parents of the Sandy Hook Newtown victims was heckled while giving testimony because it didn't line up with the heckler's beliefs.  Are you serious!? When did it become ok to heckle parents whose children were murdered? Or what about the several law enforcement officers seeon on TV saying they won't enforce the law if we have stricter gun control... or my favorite, the one dude who said he was going to start killing people if Obama tried to take away his guns... he found himself under investigation real quick. Point of clarification, this is not about gun control, this is about MOUTH CONTROL.

Our nation is on a rampage, we personally may not slay with a gun, but we sure will slay folks with the words of our mouths.  Recently I was reviewing some old blogs I had written on Myspace in 2008 and came across this one.  It was written in relation to the 2008 elections, but I think it bears repeating here and now it was entitled, I Think I Shot Someone or Have I Been Shot?

From Oct. 2008 Myspace Blog...

I've been amazed at the things that are coming out of people's mouths over the last few months.  Between the election, personal attacks on friends and a few not so nice words directed towards me because some don't agree with several choices I've made lately, I now know why the Lord had me study the book of James so intensely!   I've spoken out of turn more times then I can count, but I'm thankful for the grace of God and the word of God, which is constantly correcting me and training me.

Some of you know I keep a list of what I like to call; Dr. Nay's Random Life Lessons and I love to share them with the world.  Now please don't respond if your temper gets tweaked, the Lord teaches me these life lessons usually because I've been guilty of them at one time or another in my own life.  So I'm pointing the finger at me first – hey, then I have three more pointing back at me again cause you can't count your thumb – LOL!

So here is Random Life Lesson 438…

Words can be used as weapons.  Be careful how you use them.  You might shoot yourself in the foot.  Ha, you might even kill yourself or someone you care about by playing around with a loaded "word."  So the next time you go to speak remember, "Words don't kill people, people who use them incorrectly kill people."   

James 3:2
Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.
The New Living Translation

There's always a time or place to speak, to stand up boldly for the Lord.  But that is not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about gossip masked as prayer requests, attacks hidden under personal opinion, statements that simply don't need to be stated and fact finding that is grounded in falsehood.

Let's not make our brother and sisters victims of "friendly fire." We're in a war – we're in the army of the Most High God.  Let's aim our weapons in the spirit realm and take the enemy out.  As Christians let's pray more and talk less.  I'm praying daily that the Lord would cover my emotions and help me guard my own tongue. Heck, I don't want the guilt of shooting anybody; I've got enough stuff to repent of already. And I don't want to be shot, seems to me that being shot could be pretty be painful…

So, that's His word, and I'm sticking to it.  Until Next Time!  Blessings!

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  1. How interesting that you would write blog post about hurting others with your words. You probably don’t remember me but I knew you in junior high. I was the unpopular one who was at the receiving of some very cruel words – from you and your buddies. Those words caused me years of anguish and sorrow, and caused me to believe that I was absolute garbage - but not one person that I have ever encountered from junior high since then has ever told me “I am sorry.” You can say you don’t want to hurt anybody, but the damage is already done. Tell me did you laugh it up with everyone at the reunion and wonder whatever became of the “that girl no one liked?” Of course not – Jesus loves you! Why even ask about someone you verbally killed and left for dead. Why even try to ask for my forgiveness? This will no doubt bounce off of your elephant hide, after all people who hurt other the way you did don’t have normal emotions – they are called sociopaths by mental health experts. Sociopaths can be found everywhere – health profession, Child Welfare, and especially the ministry.