Friday, March 13, 2015

3 Power Keys

I can be my own worst enemy.  Clinging onto past mistakes, missed opportunities, fear and doubt.  It’s almost as if I forget the God I serve has all power in heaven and earth in His hands. What would it mean to truly grasp the promises of the Lord in 2015, to forget about the past, overcome the fear and move past the pain?  That’s my heart’s desire.  I believe I’ve stopped myself, been my own worst enemy way to long.  I’ve been praying for clarity and asking for wisdom and these three things have come up in my searching for total freedom in God.  I like to call them my power keys!

Power Key One

Leave the past in the past.  We’re always focusing on worrying about tomorrow, but in truth isn’t our worry about tomorrow often based on what happened yesterday?  Let’s all sing a great Disney tune and simply, “Let It Go!”  If you fallen short, God forgives, if you are harboring guilt, you can’t change the past, if you’ve been hurt, more then likely the other party has already moved on.  If it didn’t happen quite the way you thought it would, trust that God has a bigger and better plan, after all, His ways are high above our own.

Power Key Two

Worship before work.  At this moment I have 8 things on my “To Do List” and that’s not counting all the things I have to do on a daily basis that are not on the list.  Important things like, the laundry, quality time with my husband, playing with the puppies, working on my booking schedule, writing, practice, ministry events… you get the drift.  It is easy for me to get overwhelmed and lost under a mound of paperwork, songs that need to be practiced or dinner that needs to be cooked.  And sadly I must admit that I have allowed the pressure to build that I skimp on the most important priority – my time with the Lord.  I justify it with – He’s always there or He understands or I’ll chat with Him as I lay down for bed.  Then I find myself weak, weary, and worn down.

I know from past experience that the Lord can accomplish more in ten minutes then I can accomplish in an entire day.  So I’ve adopted the attitude of putting Him first and what doesn’t get done, just doesn’t get done.  He knows what needs to get done and by when and He is so faithful to always make a way.  I choose this year to worship before I work!

Power Key Three

Victory is right around the corner, if only you believe.  We know faith without works is dead.  You have the faith, you’ve covered it all in prayer, now simply go for it and trust that the power, resources and support you need will be supplied by an all mighty God who has your best interest in heart.  Victory is the ability to overcome opposition – it is the small steps taken consistently that build up to produce breakthrough!  Be consistent, be a person of action, and cover it all with prayer, praise and worship.

What Power Keys or Faith Nuggets are you holding on to for 2015?  I’d love for you to share!  drop me a note either via email or leave me a comment on my blog page or my Facebook page –

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