Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nashville, Afro Puffs and Singing At Home!

I never thought I'd miss Dayton, Ohio! I mean I knew I'd miss my "family" but the place itself? No, didn't really think I would, until I got to Nashville! Things I miss most about Dayton: TV night with my Pastor’s wife, Ohio Drivers, the library, being hijacked by Pastor Tim, Penn Station, my CR group at Patterson Park, my God kids - all 6 of them and one on the way... Hanging with my adopted family, Thursday night church and my bratty little brother (also known as DG2 and his lovely wife)!

My adventures in Nashville warrant a new book, and you best believe I've already started it - LOL!

Since I've been here in Nashville I have been busy and blessed - there was the interview I did with Martha Munizzi - yes, “The Martha Munizzi!” LaShawn Pace and Shari Addison were on the call as well! Check out the interview online at

And several folks have blessed me with gifts that have made my life and work in the area a great deal easier with setting up my publishing company and attending some events I've been dying to go to! Check out when you get a moment and support a great ministry to independant artists!

But as always, there's no place like home, be it New York with Momma and Em' or Fairborn with my peeps! So, here's some video that was taken the last time I sang at home - The City of Refuge Christian Church of Ohio. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What do I think? I think my Afro Puff is getting HUGE and I'm still not sure how long this hairdo is going last - combing this thickness is a CHORE!

I think those pants I had on were GREAT! Except I can't tell what pants they were!

I'll be posting a new blog about my adventures in Nashville starting next week so until then loved ones - keep MAGNIFYNG HIM! Blessings!

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