Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Numbers of Love

The year of no goals… wow, it’s been a difficult one so far.  I guess I never realized how many goals I actually set.  For example, in one of the online mentoring groups that I am a part of, at the start of each week they ask us to share what our goals are.  Mine usually revolve around the number of bookings I’d like to secure.  How unaccomplished I feel when at the end of the week it’s time for our report back and I have nothing to report. 

Furthermore, how aimless I feel stating at the start of each week, “Well Lord, where would you have me go?” and often feeling like the question is just hanging in the air.  Not to say that bookings have not been coming in or that I am not seeking new connections, networks and new opportunities. I am!  But it’s been hammered in my head so many times that the without a goal I’m unfocused and lacking ambition.  And when it comes to sharing the saving love of Christ, the hope of things unseen, the comfort for the broken… I am not out there just drifting in the wind!

Even with hosting the 1st Creative Christian Women’s Online Conference this past week.  I had in my mind the number of registrants I wanted to obtain.  This specific number signified to me success, financial success, among other things.  I wrote the number down and placed on my prayer alter and then remembered, I wasn’t setting goals.  My prayer, had to change from, “Lord send 50 people to attend the conference.” to “Lord send the people ordained for this event.”

 Needless to say, we didn’t make my goal, but we sure made the Lord’s goal.  And what was the lesson in all of this?  Things I already knew but often struggle with.  Numbers don’t define success, obedience to the Lord’s word does.  It doesn’t matter how many people show up, you do the same for one as you would for a thousand.  You give your best no matter what the outcome is going to be.

Because the God we serve loves us so much, that He would have someone spend hours planning a conference that might only change the life of one person.  And in the end, with that kind of love pursuing us, isn’t it better to follow His definition of success instead of wasting time setting up our own goals?

How do you define success? I'd love for you to leave your comments!

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